Get A Quicky Before Class / by Jack Viere

There are so many differences between here and back home. I've been keeping track of a few oddities that my senses are drawn to; they're mildly entertaining. Irish things first and their American counterparts follow: Innocent Smoothies vs. Naked Smoothies (har har har)

Cashiers at grocery stores sit vs. stand

Gaelic next to English vs. Spanish next to English on signs

I have more to share. But those are some of the first that I saw when I was out on my own. Here are some more pictures I snapped. Again, no editing as of yet, so I apologize for a dirty lens filter.


This is a really great walking area. I'm not sure what the place is called, but I was shooting with a smaller lens, so the background wasn't in focus. There's a lighthouse all the way at the end. I'm also unsure of what the land mass in the background is called. Looking to the sun to get a general sense of direction isn't too helpful here. I know I am looking to the west because it's the sunset. But earlier in the day, the sun rises incredibly late, and sets incredibly early. So I don't think it's as accurate to use...


This is looking back at Galway City. Again, the lens wasn't really for the city; it was more or less just to walk around. (I didn't realize I'd be getting all this on my first outing). But you can make out the cathedral on the far left. NUIGalway (my university) is a little ways beyond that.


That's Salthill, looking in the other direction. It's more of a residential area. It would be closer to what may look architecturally more "normal" in relation to America. But even that may be a stretch.

More will come but I got class now! Still looking for a computer to handle RAW files...that way I can make some good photographs great.