Getting It Together / by Jack Viere

I went ahead and deleted roughly a gigabyte's worth of posts. I am psycho. But it was all for a reason. I want to use this blog now since my semester is wrapping up. I have so much love on this blog when it's active! So why not?

When I imported my HDR Photoblog, which I was doing for a class, the import mixed up some of my images and posts. So certain things didn't line up correctly. Deleting them made sense, even though I had written the equivalent of a small book on my trial and tribulations with HDR. But I realized that without anyone actually having viewed my work, what was the point of keeping these old posts?

So now, I am deleting all the images on the other domain so that I can set up a portfolio/official website!

The Jack Viere Photography page is also getting all those Instagram-cropped shots off. Everything is going where it ought to.

Wish me luck on reconstructing my stuff...