Being outdoors has been one of my favorite pastimes, so at some point, I ended up taking my camera outside. With the Blue Ridge Mountains in my backyard, I have hiked half of the Appalachian Trail that runs through my home state, Virginia. I've completed a night summit on Mt. Fuji, Japan in order to witness a once in a lifetime sunrise, trekked and skied Jungfrau, the 'roof of Europe,' in the Swiss Alps, hill walked through West Ireland's Connemara wilderness, and wandered aimlessly in Colorado's back country. Exploration is an invaluable, positive freedom that drives me to continuously discover my inner sense of self. 


I am currently a second year graduate student in the Political Science Department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. I completed my undergrad at Saint Joseph’s University in West Philadelphia. 


I am back in the Blue Ridge mountains, a scene that I am fortunate to call home. Previously, I attended a Jesuit, liberal arts college which pushed me to focus on the relational aspect of photography. Community has been the basis of my education as I find myself drawn to the unique relationships that can be built in academics and community service. There are repercussions of pointing a lens at subjects; this is the starting point for my artistic exploration. I work for the rare moments found in urban settings and I try to contrast them with greenery I find in nature. To me, photography is constantly presenting me with new challenges that push me to develop both necessary techniques and an understanding of the relationship between the camera and my subjects.




Most of my portfolio comes from the Spring of 2014 during which I studied abroad at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Travel photography has necessitated an adaptive approach to shooting new subjects. Arriving in a foreign country with a backpack and camera in hand was a dream come true! The majority of my photographs were shot in Munich, Germany; Interlaken, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Nuremberg, Germany; Connemara, Ireland; and Madrid, Spain.


Photographing various subjects keeps me sane as I find myself influenced by a variety of juxtaposed thinkers, writers, and musicians. At some point, academically, the conventional learning process becomes tiresome. I draw inspiration from the creative process. If a photograph can say a thousand words, what is a word limit for a paper? Photography can be described as the art of crafting objectivity with light. Objectivity seems to be ephemeral, but when the shutter clicks, there is a brief moment of certainty. For that mere instance, what you capture in-frame is true as you behold it.


My inspiration comes from a combination of my academic studies, personal interests, and experiences gained from exploring. Visiting a handful of European art museums has influenced my approach to photography as an artistic medium. Personally, on a reflective level, I anticipate some new themes to appear in my work as a result of studying historical masterpieces. Most notably, I am drawn to Surrealism and Impressionism. Also, I have attended several operas this past semester. Notably, I was taken aback by (NYC) Metropolitan Opera House’s renowned visual effects. Never before have I experienced depth of field in such a bedazzling manner that was present in Wagner’s Meistersinger, especially since all of the effects happened in real-time on stage.